Friday, January 23, 2015

Shelby got her license .....

Well it's official. . Shelby can legally drive by herself now.  She passed her test and got her license yesterday.  She did a really great job in the nasty rainy weather we had all day.  She drove herself home from school also. ... a new chapter has began. ..

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Aubrey's 1st trip to the ER...

Today my little girl was at a friend's house after church playing and got her finger smashed in the door.  Mike and I ended up taking her to the er and she got 8 stitches in her left ring finger.  She was very scared when we first got there and kept telling the nurses she wasn't going to let them touch it.  Finally they were able to fix her up . We treated her to frozen yogurt after we were done. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Shelby got her 1st car !!

Big news in the Koval house for Shelby..... She got her first car last night.  We are so proud of her for working hard and earning enough money to pay for half of it.  She told us that she is naming her car Homer cause it's old and slow. .. lol
She got a 2003 hyuandi elantra. Now we just have to continue to let her practice driving so she can get her drivers license. ... ;)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mom bootcamp 2014

This past weekend I went to mom bootcamp for the 2nd year.  I love it. There are amazing speakers there and we get to have great praise & worship.  Last year I learned how to be the mom my kids need rather than just doing things for them.  I've tried to be more present and not focused on my phone or other things when I'm with them so I don't miss the little things that are so important.  Brandi went again this year and Teri also came with us.  We also had the best cabin roommates this year . Amazing girls from Missouri.  Carli, stacie, tammy & jen. We got to preview the movie mom's night out which I really think was made after my life.  It was a great movie.  Susan Merrill , Robyn McKelvey, Barbara Rainey & wynter Pitts were speakers.  I loved what these ladies spoke about.  This year I think God spoke to me and told me "it's all in God's timing". I kept hearing those words over & over.  On the lady night there was a dance party where all the moms danced the night away.  I can't wait to go again next year.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Neon dash 3/21/14

One of my goals this year was to do 6 5k races this year.  Saturday I completed my 3Rd one so far but my whole family came to this one with me and even brought Presley & Austin with us.  It was nice having them there with me.  Mike did this race with me.  It was his second 5k that day since that morning he did the roc race with shelby.  While Mike & i were walking we saw my former Co worker Brenda from the Bank . Fun family times. ...

Roc race 3/21/14

Shelby did her first 5k this past Saturday with Mike.  They did an obstacle course called the roc race.  Brandon & Austin (shelby ' s boyfriend) hung out with me while they did the race.  Brandon enjoyed playing in the foam ;) it was fun watching them. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rodeo 2014

I took the gnomes to the Rodeo this year .... They loved it. Brandon rode on a sheep & Aubrey got her first cowgirl hat.