Thursday, August 27, 2009


Look at this face !!! Isn't she the prettiest thing you have ever seen ?? She doesn't have a worry in the world. Life is all about having fun and hanging out !! Aubrey,
Mommy loves you more than you could ever imagine !! You are my miracle baby and bring such joy to our family. I love to watch you grow and your laugh is like music to my ears. You are such a friendly child and truly love people. I'm so privilaged God chose me to be your Mommy.
I love you Pumpkinhead !!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Road Trip with Gramme ....

Over the weekend Shelby and my nieces Jacee, Kendall & Storme went on a road trip with my Mom . They went to Hondo to visit my brother Weston. Can you imagine going on a 4 hour trip with 4 girls between the ages of 10 - 15 ?? Those girls are CRAZY !!! Along the way they stopped by the Sam Houston Monument and took some pictures. Of course each girl had to pose with the statue but here's a shot of all the girls together.

I have no idea where else they stopped by it looked like a little store that had a great porch swing they all climbed on and took more pictures. They didn't get home until after 10:00pm that day but I know they had a great time with Gramme !!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Shelby is in 6th grade !!!

I'm sure all Mom's are saying this but ............ I can't believe my little girl is in 6th grade already !!It seems like it was just yesterday she was starting kindergarden. Today started off CRAZY !!! We lost power around 3:15am but it was strange because right before the power went out I felt Mike get out of bed and he grabbed his phone. I asked what he was doing and he said I'm getting my phone to set my alarm cause you know we are going to lose power and then Bam !! Loud thunder and then the power went off. I assumed I would be fine because I use my cell phone as my alarm so I rolled over and went back to sleep listening to the rain. Well, apparently I didn't turn my alarm on because I woke up to Shelby standing on the side of my bed hands on her hips saying " Ummm.. Coley ....... Did you forget something ??" I opened my eyes and looked at her , she was completely dressed hair done and everything, then she says " I have to go to school today and now I'm going to be LATE !! It's my 1st day !!! "

I have never jumped out of bed so fast to get ready for work. It was nuts !! Shelby even got Aubrey ready for me while I was in the shower. She is such a great big sister when she wants to be !!

I left work alittle early because I wanted to get a picture of Shelby getting off the bus.I figured this was going to be the last year I could do that without her wanting to kill me. She was so funny. She got off the bus and RAN to my car and then when she got there she poised like she was all calm and casual. She's really into taking pictures of herself so I'm going to share some she took this morning. I'm so blessed to have such beautiful daughters !!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Story of Us .........

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Nichole who met a boy named Michael .

They fell in love while in high school and dated for several years ............

and were married March 13, 2004 . They enjoyed their life but something was still missing. (besides the big glasses for her and the mullet for him )

Then they had 3 beautiful daughters and their family was complete !!!

The End ...........

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Much needed time .........

This week was really hard as far as my emotions were concerned. I was just in a funk and needed to get out of it so Friday I went to dinner and a movie with my friend Crystal and my niece Jacee. We went to see "The Time Travelers Wife" at the movie tavern in Humble. It was ok but nothing like I expected. I was expecing more of this great love story and I was confused most of the movie. It was great to actually go out without the kids for a few hours though. Isn't it ironic how when I'm with my children all day I can't wait for a break to get a minute to myself, but when I get that little break I miss my kids ??

This morning started out wonderful. I went into Aubrey's room and she was smiling and talking to me so I brought out the camera of course !!

I went to 2 baby showers today. It was a pretty busy day !! When I go to baby showers it always makes me either wish my kids were little babies again or wish I had another baby. Then I remember all the middle of the night feedings and sleepness nights and thank God my girls are over that !!

Even though it was a busy day I made time for myself and got a manicure today !! Sometimes it's the little things that make you feel good and since my nails are nice and long at the moment I thought it would look nice to have them painted. What do you think ??

Tonight we had a movie night at home. My nieces Jacee & Storme are staying the weekend so we ordered pizza, made popcorn and watched "17 again". I say we watched movies but we as in the girls & I watched the movie and Mike slept through it !!! Some things never change !!

I am so very blessed to have this family !!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Mady's feet & Daddy

This past week I have really been missing our triplets. I know they are in a better place and all together but I want them here with me. I want to see them take their first steps and talk for the first time . I want to hear them laugh and giggle when they like something . I even want to hear them cry because that would mean they are here with me. I will never get to see them on their 1st day of school or when they have a crush or when they get all dressed up for prom or graduate from high school. There are so many things that Britanee, Shelby & Aubrey are doing that reminds me of what I'll never see Conner,Madison or Logan-Makenna do and it sucks !! They will forever be little 11oz & 14 oz babies in my mind. I also feel cheated that I didn't get to see Logan-Makenna so she is often the triplet no one talks about as if she was never here at all. I have pictures of Conner & Mady but I know Logan-Makenna was there also because I have ultrasounds with her in them . I don't know how you can miss someone so much you never met but I know it's possible because I miss her so much !!! I love all you babies and I know I'll see you all again. Mommy will be ok because I have 3 angels watching over me in Heaven !!! I love you more than you will ever know !!

Conner w/ Mommy Conner's "flinstone feet"
& Daddy

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Young Love .......... or just a phase ???

Our little girl tells me she really likes this boy !!! Shelby went to church camp this past week and while she was at camp she got a new boyfriend. This is John Murton. Michael told me that Shelby was totally smitten with John while they were at camp. He said Shelby got all giggly and giddy when John was around. Can you tell me please that this is a phase she is going through and that she really isn't into boys yet ? I'm not ready for her to like boys yet. I guess wse will see how long John is the love of her life !!! :)