Thursday, August 13, 2009


Mady's feet & Daddy

This past week I have really been missing our triplets. I know they are in a better place and all together but I want them here with me. I want to see them take their first steps and talk for the first time . I want to hear them laugh and giggle when they like something . I even want to hear them cry because that would mean they are here with me. I will never get to see them on their 1st day of school or when they have a crush or when they get all dressed up for prom or graduate from high school. There are so many things that Britanee, Shelby & Aubrey are doing that reminds me of what I'll never see Conner,Madison or Logan-Makenna do and it sucks !! They will forever be little 11oz & 14 oz babies in my mind. I also feel cheated that I didn't get to see Logan-Makenna so she is often the triplet no one talks about as if she was never here at all. I have pictures of Conner & Mady but I know Logan-Makenna was there also because I have ultrasounds with her in them . I don't know how you can miss someone so much you never met but I know it's possible because I miss her so much !!! I love all you babies and I know I'll see you all again. Mommy will be ok because I have 3 angels watching over me in Heaven !!! I love you more than you will ever know !!

Conner w/ Mommy Conner's "flinstone feet"
& Daddy


  1. Hi Nichole, I found you on Rachel's site and wanted to say how sorry I am for the loss of your triplets, I too lost mine, visit my site if you wish. It warms my heart you have three angels in heaven and three angels on earth. hugs to you, Nan

  2. Thanks for visiting me and your comments on my site :) If you want to email me its
    There are many of us triplet bereaved moms out there - you are not alone. Hugs, nan