Monday, August 24, 2009

Shelby is in 6th grade !!!

I'm sure all Mom's are saying this but ............ I can't believe my little girl is in 6th grade already !!It seems like it was just yesterday she was starting kindergarden. Today started off CRAZY !!! We lost power around 3:15am but it was strange because right before the power went out I felt Mike get out of bed and he grabbed his phone. I asked what he was doing and he said I'm getting my phone to set my alarm cause you know we are going to lose power and then Bam !! Loud thunder and then the power went off. I assumed I would be fine because I use my cell phone as my alarm so I rolled over and went back to sleep listening to the rain. Well, apparently I didn't turn my alarm on because I woke up to Shelby standing on the side of my bed hands on her hips saying " Ummm.. Coley ....... Did you forget something ??" I opened my eyes and looked at her , she was completely dressed hair done and everything, then she says " I have to go to school today and now I'm going to be LATE !! It's my 1st day !!! "

I have never jumped out of bed so fast to get ready for work. It was nuts !! Shelby even got Aubrey ready for me while I was in the shower. She is such a great big sister when she wants to be !!

I left work alittle early because I wanted to get a picture of Shelby getting off the bus.I figured this was going to be the last year I could do that without her wanting to kill me. She was so funny. She got off the bus and RAN to my car and then when she got there she poised like she was all calm and casual. She's really into taking pictures of herself so I'm going to share some she took this morning. I'm so blessed to have such beautiful daughters !!!

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