Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mommy & Aubrey Day

story time
cutting out the hearts
Aubrey and I had a great day yesterday. We started the morning by going to a Mommy & me exercise class at the community center which was alot of fun. In the class we danced & did some exercises together. Aubrey really liked it. We decided we would go over to the library for storytime with her new friends she met in our class. At the library we went into a room where the librarian read the kids a story, they danced & caught bubbles. After storytime we made a craft. This week the craft was Valentine's Day cards. Aubrey did such a great job cutting out the heart & coloring them then gluing them to the paper. She told me to trace her hand on the inside of the card and she colored it. She also wrote her first & last name all by herself !!!

Aubrey & her masterpiece
When craft time was over she asked if we could go back into the library so she could check out some books. I was so proud of her when she told me she wanted her own library card !!!

Aubrey got her library card !!!
 It was such a great day and just confirms that staying home with my children is the best decision I have ever made !!!

~ Nichole 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Special Visitor at Brandon's school !!!

Today Brandon had a very special visitor at his school . The TOOTH FAIRY came to visit them. She taught them to use their toothbrushes like a choo choo train when brushing their teeth and to sing the abc song 2 times for the correct amount of time brushing. She also told them that sweets caused sugar bugs to come in their teeth and the cavity monster will eat their teeth if they don't brush 3 times a day. She said they should eat fruits & vegetables instead of sweets.  
p.s. Brandon loves his boots and wanted to wear them today even though he was wearing shorts ...

~ Nichole