Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

What an amazing day .... the girls got more presents than they needed. My Daddy & 1 of my brothers came over to visit. Aubrey & her Grampa painted a shirt for him. It was such a great day.
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

sick of being sick ...

Aubrey is so sick right now. She has had a cough for a few days & now she has a fever. We have been having some long nights here in the Koval house ...
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My little girl is growing up ... :)

This is me hugely pregnant 2 weeks before Aubrey was born

Aubrey right after she was born ....

Aubrey's 1st birthday

Aubrey's 2nd Birthday

Aubrey's 3rd Birthday
I wanted to post these pictures on her actual birthday which was November 7th, but my computer was broken & my husband got it fixed today. I can't believe my baby girl is 3 years old !! Where did the time go ??

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My silly girls ...

I love these crazy kids so much !!
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

it actually worked from my phone !!

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this was Aubrey @ the park 1 year ago .. look how little she was !!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

My girl LOVES her babies !!

Aubrey with her 2 favorites ..Baby Shelby & Baby Paisley

My whole life I have always wanted to be a "Mommy" .. and now that I am a mommy it brings me such joy to watch my little girl grow up and nurture her "babies". Aubrey is exactly like me... she loves to make sure everyone around her is ok and comfortable. She is very maternal . I remember her being 5 months old and going to visit my friend's newborn son and Aubrey reaching out to hold him .. seriously she was only a baby herself !! Aubrey's favorite baby is "baby Shelby". She will be 3 in a few weeks and everyday she plays with her babies , feeds them, rocks them , changes their diapers along with wiping their bottoms with wipes cause she says they poo pooed . I laugh at her at times when she tells me they are being mean to each other so she has to put them in time out. I know she is watching everything I do because she copies me and does the same things with her babies. It makes me sad to see MY baby growing up but it makes me proud to be her Mommy and watch what a wonderful little girl she has become ...

Aubrey + Baby Shelby = BFF's

ready to go .. she has her purse & Baby Shelby

Aubrey playing with her babies ...

Aubrey putting her babies to sleep ..

Aubrey & "baby Shelby"

Baby Shelby goes to school with Aubrey

I made Baby Shelby a matching outfit cause she is always naked !!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Babies !!

Conner, Madison & Logan-Makenna,

Conner with Mommy & Daddy
 I can't believe it has been 4 years since you were born. Honestly it seems like just yesterday that your Daddy & I were in the dr office getting an ultrasound & I will never forget Carmen, who was doing our scan that day, say 1.. 2... 3... and I remember saying what are you counting ? When she replied you have 3 babies I started crying immediatly & your Daddy .. well let's just say he just had to sit down so he didn't pass out .. :) . It was such a HUGE suprise to know that I had the three of you babies in my tummy. I waited soo long to get pregnant & I wanted to have a baby with your Daddy so bad and the 3 of you were such a blessing !! We were both scared & excited at the same time . My pregnancy was doing great and when I was 16 weeks along I went out on maternity leave because you little babies were killing my back so I couldn't work anymore. I didn't really have any complaints about my health when I wasw pregnant until I was 24 weeks and then that's when things went down hill. It seems I was having contractions for a whole week and didn't know it. I honestly thought Ms. Madison was just having a party in my tummy because out of the 3 babies Mady was the most active. Conner was squashed at the bottom & Makenna was WAY up top almost between my ribcage. So on September 14, 2006 @ 6:15am I called my dr & they told me to come in so they could check me. I got your big sister ready for school ( she was 8 years old & in 3rd grade) and then off to the hospital Daddy & I went. On the way to the hospital Daddy & I were talking and then we realized that it was contractions I was having because they were only about 1 minute apart and starting to hurt really bad. When we finally arrived at the hospital I changed into the little gown & they checked me. I was 4cm dialated & 100% effaced .

Madison w/Mommy & Daddy

I had no clue what that meant at the time but soon learned that I was in active labor and they needed to stop it asap because you guys weren't done cooking yet. The nurses gave me all kinds of shots and medicines in my iv & were able to stop my labor for a full week, but we learned September 18th that Makenna had passed away in my tummy. I was devastated but still hopeful because Conner & Mady were ok in there still. I remember having a goal of October 31st praying that you would just stay in my belly until then so you could get stronger but the morning of September 21, 2006 Conner decided it was time to come out first then I had an emergency c-section to get Mady & Makenna out of me. There is so much more I want to tell you but this is really hard actually putting this in words.... I have wanted to write it down but everytime I start to do it I stop because it's so hard. I miss you babies more than you will ever know . I know God chose me to be your Mommy & for that I am very grateful but I am selfish in the fact I wish you were all still here with me & Daddy & Shelby & I know if you guys were here that means Aubrey might not be here and I can't imagine my life without your spunky little sister. I know you sent her to me because she is truly a miracle & has the personality of you girls all had crazy & active & stubborn but I feel like she is like Conner in the fact that she does have her moments sometimes where she is just chillin not acting crazy .... Aubrey truly has helped me in dealing with the loss of you three babies ... She makes me wake up & face life when I just wanted to go hide under a rock & mourn my huge loss... So today on your birthday we are going to visit your grave & release balloons & just pray and thank God for the time we did have you in our lives.

at babies grave to release birthday balloons

I love you always,


Saturday, August 28, 2010

so much to share .. but not enough time .. YET !!

I haven't updaed my blog in ages but so much is going on with my family. We are trying to get in a new routine with school starting for Shelby who is now a 7th grader & Aubrey starting Mother's Day Out twice a week. I am changing my work schedule around so I can be home for the girls & Mike is super busy with work right now. I want to post more but I have to get to bed .. Church in the morning !! :) But I will leave you with a few pics of the cutest girls ever on their 1st day of school this year !!

I will share our vacation adventure in my next post .. We had a very eventful vacation this year to Seaworld in San Antonio ...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shelby .....

Look at our daughter ..... She's so pretty & growing up WAY to quick for my liking !!! I really like this picture & wanted to share ......
p.s. Notice all the "handmade signs" on her walls I talked about in my last post ... also the dalmation dog on her bed was the best $2 I ever spent when she was 4 years old. She has slept with "Patches" every day for the past 8 years !!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

1 year anniversary of my blog !!!

Wow I can't believe I have been blogging for 1 year ..

Lately I have been learning how to sew & making little outfits for Aubrey. It has been alot of fun & I am getting pretty good at it .. LOL !! Shelby won't wear anything I sew so for her. She's to cool to wear clothes mom makes .. but right now Aubrey will wear my clothes I make SOMETIMES ...

This past weekend we had fun just hanging out @ home. We made personal pizzas, baked cookies & painted ... the girls really enjoyed spending the time with us and Mike & I really enjoyed just being home with the girls.

We painted our faces ...

Made some cookies .....

Yummy !! They were awesome !!!

Speaking of our girls ....

Shelby turned 12 in April & is about to go to 7th grade !!! WOW !! Where did our little girl go ? She's definately turning into a teenager but she is still sweet when she wants something. She loves to draw & is very creative . She is always making signs to hang all over her walls in her room. She love anything zebra print or lime green. She's at that stage where she loves to take pictures of herself but won't let me take any of her which is sooo annoying !!

Aubrey is also growing up soo fast. She is fully potty trained ... YEAH !!! She loves to sing . I think her favorite songs are abc's, twinkle twinkle & Jesus loves me .... cause she is always singing those 3 songs over & over all day. She's very friendly & always wants to know eveyone's name when she goes places. It's really cute. She talks ALL THE TIME !! She always asks Why ? to everything . She tells us "Don't say whatever... that's rude " and " Wanna see my booty crack ?" which she thinks is SOOOO funny . She's very funny & knows it. She also loves taking pictures of herself with our camera but doesn't care for us to take her picture anymore. I can sneak them sometimes but she has to be in a good mood for it to turn out good.. lol ... She tells us "no papparozzi "

Britanee graduated from high school in June ... YEAH !!! She just started working @ Sally's Beauty Supply. She's pretty much always with her boyfriend so we don't see much of her anymore but .. she's 18 & that's what they do @ that age !!!
~ Nichole

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

4 Generations ...... Wow !! I spent mother's day with my Mom, Grama & 1 of my daughters ( Shelby was @ her grama's house) and it was alot of fun ..... Today I am thankful for my grama for having my mom and my mom for having me so I could have Aubrey. Being a mom is the toughest job in the world but my whole life I knew being a mom was what I wanted. I am struggling right now within myself to decide if I am going to quit my job I have had for 13 years because I really want to stay home and just be a mom to my girls !! I am praying about it and I know God will guide me in the right direction ........

Sunday, April 25, 2010

March of Dimes Walk 2010 & some venting ...

This weekend I did a march of dimes walk in honor of my friend , Ashley's daughter Mackenzie, who was stillborn last June.

( Ashley with Mackenzie's butterfly !! )

While we were there I saw SOOOO many miracle babies that beat the odds of being born early and think it sucks that MY TRIPLETS ALL died !! I mean serioulsy I lost all 3 of my kids !!! SOmetime I wonder how it would feel if at least 1 of them was still here with me. I honestly thought Mady was gonna make it & stay with me after Conner & Makenna died but nope ... She went to heaven also. I feel like sometimes my pregnancy and their births & deaths were all a dream sometimes because I think it makes it easier to live without them thinking that they never left me . I don't know if that makes since but .... I just miss my precious babies and I hate not being able to see them do the things that Buggy is doing !! Aubrey is SUCH a blessing and even though she is turning into the "terrible" part of being 2 I couldn't imagine my life without her !!! I just think it sucks that I had to lose my first 3 babies to be able to have her. I want ALL my kids !!! So at the walk the jealous & sad part of me thought it wasn't far that all those women were there with their miracle babies pushing them in their triplet strollers with cute little shirts numbered 1, 2, & 3 cause i just wanted to scream " LOOK @ ME !! I AM JUST LIKE YOU.... I HAD TRIPLETS ALSO 3 YEARS AGO BUT MY BABIES ALL DIED AND IT'S NOT FAIR YOU HAVE YOURS !!!"
OK enough of my being ugly I just needed to vent & what better place than my own blog !! On a happier note I really enjoyed being @ the walk supporting Ashley in memory of Mackenzie & my girlfriends told me that I should do a walk in honor of MY BABIES so I am going to get those plans rolling cause Conner, Madion & Makenna deserve to know that they were loved by many people & those same people miss them just as much as their Mommy does......

( Me & Bernie Mac , my best friend in the whole world . She is my God sent friend who has been with me through so many diffrent hurdles in my life since I was 10 years old !! I love her more than I could ever express to her !!! )

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

catch up ....... this is a long one !!! (Part 1 -February)

OK.... I know that I haven't blogged for a LONG LONG time but i have been doing alot. I went through another round of fertility treatments in February and it didn't work :( but now we have other plans ...... you can read about that on my other blog .

We have been doing lots of things with our kids the past few months. Shelby & I went to a mother/daughter confrence back in February allong with my friends Crystal & Jackie and their daughters Destiny & Abby. It was a wonderful experience. It taught the girls how be modest with their cloting and stll be in fashion and also how to respect their bodies. After we left the conference we took the girls to eat chinese food and they posed infront of the pretty water fountain. Here is a picture of all of us ...

A few days later Mike & I took Aubrey to see Sesame Street Live which she LOVED !!!! Crystal & her husband Jonathan and their daughter Savannah ( Aubrey's BFF) also went with us. It was so fun watching the girls when they got to see Big Bird & Cookie Monster or mike mike & cookie monsner as Aubrey says ...

Then .... Aubrey had a Valentine's day party @ Mother's Day Out and she is so cute !!! She loved her cupcake .... She is not a baby anymore. She's becoming a (little) big girl with her own friends that she tells me she plays with at school and her own opinions and thoughts. She says the funniest things all the time.

We took our girls to the mall for Valentine's Day just to spend some quality family time together. We went to the painting place and they had a blast. Shelby is very artistic and is always drawing and coloring so she really enjoyed painting. Aubrey thought it was great she could paint all by herself. They were both so cute working on their projects.

We ended the month by having a pinic on the porch (at least this is the last February picture that was in my camera

.... My kids are so cute !!!