Wednesday, March 31, 2010

catch up ....... this is a long one !!! (Part 1 -February)

OK.... I know that I haven't blogged for a LONG LONG time but i have been doing alot. I went through another round of fertility treatments in February and it didn't work :( but now we have other plans ...... you can read about that on my other blog .

We have been doing lots of things with our kids the past few months. Shelby & I went to a mother/daughter confrence back in February allong with my friends Crystal & Jackie and their daughters Destiny & Abby. It was a wonderful experience. It taught the girls how be modest with their cloting and stll be in fashion and also how to respect their bodies. After we left the conference we took the girls to eat chinese food and they posed infront of the pretty water fountain. Here is a picture of all of us ...

A few days later Mike & I took Aubrey to see Sesame Street Live which she LOVED !!!! Crystal & her husband Jonathan and their daughter Savannah ( Aubrey's BFF) also went with us. It was so fun watching the girls when they got to see Big Bird & Cookie Monster or mike mike & cookie monsner as Aubrey says ...

Then .... Aubrey had a Valentine's day party @ Mother's Day Out and she is so cute !!! She loved her cupcake .... She is not a baby anymore. She's becoming a (little) big girl with her own friends that she tells me she plays with at school and her own opinions and thoughts. She says the funniest things all the time.

We took our girls to the mall for Valentine's Day just to spend some quality family time together. We went to the painting place and they had a blast. Shelby is very artistic and is always drawing and coloring so she really enjoyed painting. Aubrey thought it was great she could paint all by herself. They were both so cute working on their projects.

We ended the month by having a pinic on the porch (at least this is the last February picture that was in my camera

.... My kids are so cute !!!


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