Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day 2011 !!!

This is the most incredible Daddy in the entire world !!!

Aubrey thinks her Daddy is the best thing in the entire world. He pats her back until she goes to sleep every night. She has him wrapped around her little thumbkin .....

Britanee & Mike have a special relationship. She is our oldest daughter and we get to experience all the 1st things with her. He is so proud of her as she is turning into an adult.

Conner was our ONLY son. He was only with us for a short time but he filled our hearts with so much love & we think of him often.

Madison Makenna Grace .... she was only with us for 3 days but in that short time Michael bonded with her & read to her & just feel in love with this special little girl ... We miss you Mady !!!

Shelby ... This teenager is the apple of her father's eye. They have a relationship that is like no other. She tells us often she will always be Daddy's little girl !!!
Mike & the girls on Father's Day 2011
Michael has his hands full with these little pranksters... lol .... They all love their Daddy !!!
I am the luckiest woman in the world to be married to this incredible man !!!!

We love you so much Michael and we are truly blessed God put you in our lives .

~ Nichole

Friday, June 17, 2011

Aubrey's 1st sleepover ...

Aubrey is at her 1st sleepover tonight . She has never spent the night with anyone other than my mom & my sister. I don't know if I am happy she is wanted to stay the night somewhere else or sad cause my baby girl is getting to big so quickly. I mean .. she's only 3 years old. Is that normal for 3 year olds to go to sleepovers ? I know she is having a blast. She is staying with some friends of ours from church. Sara completely lost her mind & decided to let 7 kids stay @ her house tonight. Aubrey has been asking me all week if today was when she got to go spend the night with Ms.Sara & Mr. Lewis. It was really cute. Sara sent me this picture of the crazy children..... God bless this woman !! LOL !!!

Josiah, Andrew,Kaylee,Lexi, Aubrey, Baylea, & Gabe
 ~ Nichole

LATER THAT NIGHT : Aubrey decided that she wasn't ready to stay away from Mommy & Daddy and decided to come home ......:)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

This catching up stuff is hard

I love love love when my daughters make me things.

Shelby posing with her master piece !!!
 Shelby loves to draw & is constantly in her room drawing little people, making signs or just experimenting with painting . This past school year when she was in 7th grade she had an art class. She was in HEAVEN !! She learned about shading, water colors & diffrent ways to draw certain things. She even made a scultpture out of what looks lik foil. It was pretty cool ... but for mother's day this year she painted me the prettiest picture with water colors. She worked very hard on it and would tell me " Your going to LOVE what I am making you for Mother's Day" . I really did love it !!!

  My sweet Aubrey was super excited about what she did for me at Mother's Day Out this year. She made me a personalized potted plant. She colored the pot & even put the dirt in it. I thought it was special and hope I can keep it alive because I'm not much of a plant person .. I always seem to forget to water the poor things so they quickly die ...

Aubrey with the plant she made for me .

  I love taking pictures with my kids on Mother's Day but Shelby wasn't into taking pictures that day so I just have one with me & Aubrey. Shelby's half brother Brandon was staying with us at that time & he took a picture with me. :)

Me & my sweet Aubrey

Brandon posing with me

~ Nichole

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Teenagers are just weird !!!

Shelby wears 3D glasses as sunglasses

She takes tons of self portraits ....

She wears these goofy looking hats & thinks she looks adorable ...

But the strangest things she does is wear jackets in the summertime & complain she is hot !!! This is what she looked like on her last day of school this year . It was in the high 90's and she is wearing a jacket !!!!

I love being a mom but there are certain things my teenager does that really makes me laugh, scream & sometime cry because this is a super hard job !!! We have our good days & our bad days but I wouldn't trade any of those days not to be HER mom !!! I love her so much !!!

~ Nichole

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aubrey's last day of Mother's Day out 2011

Class of 2026
My sweet Aubrey has completed her last day of Mother's Day out for the year. She was in pre-k 3 this year & next year will go to pre-k 4. This is knda strange because then I guess this means my baby is growing up WAY TO FAST !!! She is so smart. She knows her shapes, colors, & numbers. She can spell her name. She knows her left & right. She can even tell you our address !! Very impressive for a 3 year old !!! I really love listening to her tell me all the things she is learning. She learned a song called "Cindy Circle" and it was to cute  hearing her sing it all the time. During her end of the year program her class sang " We're Moving up " It was so adorable and I love the way she sang with her arms crossed the whole song !!!

Ms. Judy & Ms. Ashley were her teachers this year. She loves them !!! They give awards to each of the kids and Aubrey got the award for ALWAYS SHARING !! That's my girl !! I was very proud of her.
Aubrey waiting for her award from Ms. Judy
Aubrey & her "Always Sharing" award !!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Easter 2011

I love holidays ! I also love my daughters. It makes me so happy to see them happy. They are at diffrent stages of their lives now so Aubrey thinks their is an easter bunny & Shelby pretends to still think there is "cause if you don't believe.... You don't receive" we had a great easter this year.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shelby is offically a TEENAGER !!!

Where does the time go ??? Shelby turned 13 on April 19, 2011 !!!
Every year we always make cinnamon rolls for the girls birthday breakfast.
Shelby is such a spunky girl !! She insisted that she can wear heels since she is a teenager !!! She got up 2 hours early for school so I could curl her hair ... Isn't she a beauty ??

She will always be Daddy's Little Girl !!!

This is Ryan ... He is Shelby's 1st "real" boyfriend . She was so excited we let him come over on her birthday !!! :)
She loved the James Avery charm braclet we got her !!

Aubrey wanted a picture with her big sister ... I love when they are loving with each other !!!!

Mike made this cake for Shelby while she was @ school & suprised her with it & the beautiful flowers !! He is the best Daddy in the world !!

I know that you think that me & your Daddy are so old that we don't remember what it is like to be 13 but .......YOUR WRONG SISTER !! We are still young & very cool parents !! LOL !!! I'm just kidding !! We love you more than you will ever know. We are so blessed to be your parents & we pray everyday that God leads us in the right direction in raising you & your sisters. Our prayer for you is that you grow up to be a caring ,  loving & giving person who knows right from wrong & is commpassionate to others and you believe that God will provide for you and trust in him to lead your life the way he has planned for you. You are such a creative artist and we are so proud of you !!!
I love you Grace !!

~ Nichole 

Aubrey's favorite things .....

My sweet Aubrey had to make a poster for her Mother's Day Out class about her favorite things .... This was my 1st project I have ever made with a 3 year old so I just asked her what she liked . She told me I love Mommy, Daddy, My sisters Britanee & Shelby, Maggie Blu ( our dog) , Yaya & Big Daddy, veggietales, dora, princesses, stickers , spongebob butJustin Bieber is my favorite BOYFRIEND   !!! So being the awesome Mommy I am I went on a hunt for her favorite things. I gathered them all together & helped her tape them to the posterboard. I can't believe my baby has 3 !!!

~ Nichole