Friday, June 17, 2011

Aubrey's 1st sleepover ...

Aubrey is at her 1st sleepover tonight . She has never spent the night with anyone other than my mom & my sister. I don't know if I am happy she is wanted to stay the night somewhere else or sad cause my baby girl is getting to big so quickly. I mean .. she's only 3 years old. Is that normal for 3 year olds to go to sleepovers ? I know she is having a blast. She is staying with some friends of ours from church. Sara completely lost her mind & decided to let 7 kids stay @ her house tonight. Aubrey has been asking me all week if today was when she got to go spend the night with Ms.Sara & Mr. Lewis. It was really cute. Sara sent me this picture of the crazy children..... God bless this woman !! LOL !!!

Josiah, Andrew,Kaylee,Lexi, Aubrey, Baylea, & Gabe
 ~ Nichole

LATER THAT NIGHT : Aubrey decided that she wasn't ready to stay away from Mommy & Daddy and decided to come home ......:)

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