Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aubrey's last day of Mother's Day out 2011

Class of 2026
My sweet Aubrey has completed her last day of Mother's Day out for the year. She was in pre-k 3 this year & next year will go to pre-k 4. This is knda strange because then I guess this means my baby is growing up WAY TO FAST !!! She is so smart. She knows her shapes, colors, & numbers. She can spell her name. She knows her left & right. She can even tell you our address !! Very impressive for a 3 year old !!! I really love listening to her tell me all the things she is learning. She learned a song called "Cindy Circle" and it was to cute  hearing her sing it all the time. During her end of the year program her class sang " We're Moving up " It was so adorable and I love the way she sang with her arms crossed the whole song !!!

Ms. Judy & Ms. Ashley were her teachers this year. She loves them !!! They give awards to each of the kids and Aubrey got the award for ALWAYS SHARING !! That's my girl !! I was very proud of her.
Aubrey waiting for her award from Ms. Judy
Aubrey & her "Always Sharing" award !!


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