Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

This catching up stuff is hard ...lol

I love love love when my daughters make me things.

Shelby posing with her master piece !!!
 Shelby loves to draw & is constantly in her room drawing little people, making signs or just experimenting with painting . This past school year when she was in 7th grade she had an art class. She was in HEAVEN !! She learned about shading, water colors & diffrent ways to draw certain things. She even made a scultpture out of what looks lik foil. It was pretty cool ... but for mother's day this year she painted me the prettiest picture with water colors. She worked very hard on it and would tell me " Your going to LOVE what I am making you for Mother's Day" . I really did love it !!!

  My sweet Aubrey was super excited about what she did for me at Mother's Day Out this year. She made me a personalized potted plant. She colored the pot & even put the dirt in it. I thought it was special and hope I can keep it alive because I'm not much of a plant person ...lol .. I always seem to forget to water the poor things so they quickly die ...

Aubrey with the plant she made for me .

  I love taking pictures with my kids on Mother's Day but Shelby wasn't into taking pictures that day so I just have one with me & Aubrey. Shelby's half brother Brandon was staying with us at that time & he took a picture with me. :)

Me & my sweet Aubrey

Brandon posing with me

~ Nichole

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