Monday, December 26, 2011

Our bonus son ..... Brandon

Brandon, Maggie & Aubrey

facepainting @ christmas parade
Brandon is staying with us again until his mom can get her life together. It is so much fun having him in our family. Little boys are way different than girls.... Lol
Aubrey & Brandon are best friends . They are only apart when they go to school. They share a room and have so much fun together.
I just wanted to share some of the fun moments we have had with him this year ....
trying out new shave kit ..

going to school
Brandon, Shelby & Aubrey

reading with my kids

moustaches ....

Shelby's in love ..... Again...

Our sweet Shelby is in love... She has been "dating" (every sunday & wednesday) Aaron for 5 whole months... The other day she told me they were going to get married after college... I love that kid so much. She is truly a great girl. Don't misunderstand me that she is always a pleasure to be around because I don't know any 13 year old who is but I am proud to be her mom.

Aubrey gets her eyes checked....

Aubrey loves glasses. She loves to wear them so much that I have actually bought her 2 real pairs of glass frames from the walmart vision center just so she can wear them. Now that she turned 4 I decided maybe it was time to see if she really needed glasses. I am so blind  without contacts or glasses it isn't even funny but I prayed Aubrey wouldn't get my vision.... Apparently she did get my face
Anyway I took her to Dr. Gilmore who has known Aubrey since I was pregnant with her to check her eyes out. She did such a great job listening to what the dr was telling her & was full of questions on why is she doing this? What is that for ? It was so cute seeing my little girl sitting in that big chair so of course I  took lots of pictures...

And the dr says she can see perfect !!