Monday, December 26, 2011

Aubrey gets her eyes checked....

Aubrey loves glasses. She loves to wear them so much that I have actually bought her 2 real pairs of glass frames from the walmart vision center just so she can wear them. Now that she turned 4 I decided maybe it was time to see if she really needed glasses. I am so blind  without contacts or glasses it isn't even funny but I prayed Aubrey wouldn't get my vision.... Apparently she did get my face
Anyway I took her to Dr. Gilmore who has known Aubrey since I was pregnant with her to check her eyes out. She did such a great job listening to what the dr was telling her & was full of questions on why is she doing this? What is that for ? It was so cute seeing my little girl sitting in that big chair so of course I  took lots of pictures...

And the dr says she can see perfect !!

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