Thursday, October 14, 2010

My girl LOVES her babies !!

Aubrey with her 2 favorites ..Baby Shelby & Baby Paisley

My whole life I have always wanted to be a "Mommy" .. and now that I am a mommy it brings me such joy to watch my little girl grow up and nurture her "babies". Aubrey is exactly like me... she loves to make sure everyone around her is ok and comfortable. She is very maternal . I remember her being 5 months old and going to visit my friend's newborn son and Aubrey reaching out to hold him .. seriously she was only a baby herself !! Aubrey's favorite baby is "baby Shelby". She will be 3 in a few weeks and everyday she plays with her babies , feeds them, rocks them , changes their diapers along with wiping their bottoms with wipes cause she says they poo pooed . I laugh at her at times when she tells me they are being mean to each other so she has to put them in time out. I know she is watching everything I do because she copies me and does the same things with her babies. It makes me sad to see MY baby growing up but it makes me proud to be her Mommy and watch what a wonderful little girl she has become ...

Aubrey + Baby Shelby = BFF's

ready to go .. she has her purse & Baby Shelby

Aubrey playing with her babies ...

Aubrey putting her babies to sleep ..

Aubrey & "baby Shelby"

Baby Shelby goes to school with Aubrey

I made Baby Shelby a matching outfit cause she is always naked !!

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