Sunday, October 4, 2009

Can you hear me now ???

We finally gave in and let Shelby get a cell phone. She has been begging us for months and although she is a bit young, she is trying so hard to show us she is responsible. She does her chores everyday with out any complaints.

Matt & Britanee were here when we decided to give Shelby the phone. I sent Shelby to go check the mail. She gave me a crazy look since itt was 8:15pm but did it anyway. When she was gone I put the phone under her hoody on the couch where she was sitting.

When she came in the house Britanee called her cell phone . We all heard the phone ring and everyone was looking around and Mike asked is someone going to answer their phone ? I looked at Brit and she looked at me and Shelby said well it isn't me cause I don't have a phone. We all kinda laughed and then Brit called the phone again. This time Shelby found it , looked at the caller id and then threw the phone at Britanee. We all looked at her in shock because she is crazy. She said it said Britanee so it must be her phone. I told her Nerd, Britanee isn't calling herself !!
So then Shelby answered the phone and Brit said, Shelby you just answered you own phone. She was so excited and gave Mike & I huge hugs !! We will never forget the look on her face !! It was priceless !!
~ Nichole

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