Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

My sister started having Halloween parties a few years ago. It has become one of our favorite times of the year spending time as a family. We all get dressed up and the adults make a "Haunted House" for the kids.

Kendall was the 1st to enter the haunted house !!

Joey left the haunted house thinking he was safe but wait !!! There was someone waiting for him !!

Shelby was screaming as she left the house to meet the scary man waiting for her !!

This are my nieces Storme, Tara, Kara & Brianna as they ran out of the scary house !!

My niece Jacee was "Marilyn Monroe" for the night & her boyfriend was just scary looking !!

This is my sister Robin & her family
Joey, Henry, Clara, Robin, & Kristen
This is my brother Jimmy's family
Jimmy, Shelly & kids Tara, Kara, Brianna & Nick

This is my sister Tracy's family
Jacee, Kendall, Storme, Tracy & Ray

And this is my family !!!!
We had such a great night !! I can't wait until next year !!!!

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