Monday, April 25, 2011

Catch up - February .. friends , cruises & a dance

I have sooo much to catch up on so I'm going to post month by month until I catch up to the current month we are in .. :)
Me & my husband
I am going to begin with February ....
We flew to Flordia & had a great visit with Mike's friend from high school Justin. Mike hadn't seen Justin in many years but when they got together you would have never known it had been that long the way they connected like no time had passed ....

Mike & his friend Justin

This is the ship we took our cruise on !! AMAZING !!!
After we left Justin's house ....Mike & I went on a Christian Marriage Cruise to the BAHAMAS !!! It was AMAZING !! We had so much fun & already booked our trip for next year. There were lots of guest speakers on the cruise & the best music . Kirk Cameron , Point of Grace, Big Daddy Weave, Barbara & Dennis Rainey. We went parasailing & relaxed on the beach, went shopping &  every night we had dinner with the best group of people. We spent quality time together just learning how God intended our marriage to be. 
Getting ready to parasail !! It was so much fun !!
The best group of people we had dinner with everynight.

We missed our girl like crazy but the day after we got back Mike took the girls to a Daddy/Daughter dance for Valentine's Day. They had so much fun & I loved seeing Mike & our girls together just enjoying each other's company.  

Mike & the girls

They had a great time @ the dance and the limo ride !!!

~ Nichole

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