Thursday, January 26, 2012

I did it !!

I did it !! I quit my job @ the bank and now I am a stay at home Mommy !!! My whole life I have always wanted to be a mother and after I lost my triplets I was heartbroken because I didn't think my dream was going to come true. I did have Shelby but I didn't give birth to her and I know she has her mother who gave birth to her that I could never replace the bond they have as mother & daughter. I wanted to experience that bond between a mother & her child like I have with my mom.. then God blessed me with Aubrey and my whole life changed .... Aubrey has that unconditional love for me that I always wanted and I totally adore her as well. My amazing husband has been tight on our budget the past 2 years to make it possible for me to stay home with our little princess and I couldn't think him enough !! I have been home 2 weeks and it still feels like I have to go back to work soon because that is all I have known since I was 18. I am trying really hard to get into a routine but I have just been enjoying being home with my kids & doing the housewife thing like laundry, grocery shopping & cooking dinner every night without being stressed out . I even got to go on a overnight trip to San Antonio with my husband. It was awesome just going with him without having to check my schedule to see if I had to work. No more worrying about meeting goals, confrence calls or customers yelling at you .. LIFE IS AMAZING and I feel so blessed !!!


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