Sunday, March 17, 2013

Brandon gets dedicated....

Today was a big day for Brandon. We got him dedicated at church this morning. We made a promise to raise him in a Christian home & teach him the way God wanted us to act. We promised to raise him in church where he is surrounded by people who have the same beliefs as we do. We promised to love him & take care of him so he can grow up and become an amazing man who loves God & family because those 2 things at the most important things in life. Brandon is such an amazing part of our family. He loves to dance. He loves to be outside playing or hanging out with Mike doing things in the yard. He loves playing with Aubrey. Most of all I think he loves to jump of my couches because I'm constantly reminding him my couch is not his trampoline. He is also quite a funny little boy who loves to make us laugh with his little crazy faces. I am so glad we were chosen to raise this precious little boy who is so full of energy & life :)

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