Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crazy piece of quietness

Last night Ms. Aubrey decided she was going to wake up @ 1:30AM because she wasn't feeling very well and didn't go back to sleep until 5:15AM when her Daddy left to go to work. We had quite a time in the middle of the night while Mike was the only one sleeping. I tried for about 1 hour to put her in my bed to try to sleep but she just kept poking my eyes saying "Eyes, Eyes, Mom Eyes" SHe is so excited she knows her body parts.... When that didn't work I took her in the living room hoping maybe I could rock her back to sleep........... not a chance she was not going back to bed. I turned on the tv and she sat in my lap in the chair for a while before she decided it was time to draw. She got a pen & paper and started making her marks then before I knew it she was drawing on me and herself !! I took the pen & paper away and she found the nail clippers so I tried to cut her nails and she kept telling me "No, Mom" "Stop, Mom" . I was like serioulsy child it is the middle of the night please go to sleep. Aubrey knows sign language for eat , drink, please, & more so she was telling me eat please in sign language so at 4:00am I took her to the kitchen and she ate some cereal. Mike's alarm goes off at 4:15am and when it went off he walked in and saw us wide awake and was in total shock. Since we were awake Mike gave Aubrey a shower after she ate and we got her dressed in her night clothes again hoping that she would be so tired since it is 5:00Am by now and thank goodness her Daddy was able to get her to go back to her bed and asleep by 5:15AM. It amazes me how much my daughters are in love with their Daddy. I was up for 4 hours trying to get her to sleep and Mike just made it look so easy !!! Amazing !!!

Tonight my Mom has Aubrey & Shelby is at a friend's house so it's just Mike & I here but I swear I keep hearing Aubrey cry in her room. I think I'm just sleep deprieved but it's so quiet here I miss my girls !!!

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