Tuesday, January 12, 2010

crazy life for far in 2010 !!

Well, I said I was going to try to blog 2-3 times a week in 2010 and then I got sick for the 1st seven days of the year so I had a little change of plans. Now I am feeling MUCH better and have lots to catch everyone up on.

On January 8th we went back to Dr. Schenk , our fertility dr, and started treatments again because we want to have another baby. I am so excited about this and if everything goes the as we hope we will have a new baby @ the end of the year !!! Wow !! That is amazing to think we are adding to our family again. Our children are such blessings. They are trying at times but bring us so much joy. We honestly love being with our kids and doing things as a family.

Aubrey started going to mother's day out @ our church this week. She has been in daycare since she was 18 months old but since my mom is not working anymore she wanted to watch her and I want her to still have the interaction she loves with kids her age. I love my mom watching her. Aubrey changed my mom's name from Gramme which all the other granddaughters call her to Yaya and I think that is so cute. I love watching them develop this amazing bond. It's also amazing to have my mom here when I get home from work. It's kinda like I feel like she is ....... not making up ...... but she is there now for me because she always worked when I was a kid and I love how she takes care of my little girl. I have to admit that sometimes I get jealous when Aubrey calls me Yaya or tells me she go to yaya's house.

Shelby is becoming such a pretty young lady. She is growing up right before our eyes and I can't believe she is almost 12 !! Really ??? Where did my little girl who played with her care bears go ??? She is so cute developing her own sense of style. She is kinda a punk rocker hippie type of person if that makes sense. I'm so impressed with the person she is becoming. She has her moments where she acts crazy sometimes but overall she is becoming such a beautiful girl inside and out. I'm so proud to be her mom !!


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