Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another new adventure

     November has been a very eventful month in the Koval house with celebrating my birthday & Aubrey's Birthday as well as Thanksgiving but there has been a HUGE change in this family's daily routine.

      I have started homeschooling all 3 of my kids. Yep.. I pulled Shelby & Brandon out of public school & I'm teaching them at home. I bought a computer based curriculum called Switched on School for Shelby since she's in high school that covers 5 core classes which are algebra, English, chemistry, geography & bible. She also does an elective class which is typing. I know both Mike & I went to public school but it was allot different when were in school. There is so many negative influences in the schools these days that we want to be able influence our children the way we believe they should be raised. I want my children to know God & be able to show they are Christians by wearing cross necklaces if they wanted to & also by having the freedom to pray which they can't do in the schools they went to in Crosby.

     I also want my kids to know that certain things that the school teaches is NOT what we believe in as Christians. I understand tolerance but I don't want my kids to think because they are taught tolerance in school that it's the way God wants them to live. I also think that in public school the kids are growing up way to fast because they are exposed to so many different things like broken homes, drugs & sex way to early for them to truly understand about those issues. I want to be the one to answer my kids questions about sex & drugs not some kid that's their age who heard it from someone who told them the incorrect answer.

     Mike & I agree that our kids are only young one time & we want to be the influence they are going to look up to as the are growing up into adults. We want to raise God believing, compassionate, loving , caring, smart Christians adults so yes it's allot of work teaching 3 kids everyday and yes tthey all drive me crazy at at least one pint in the day but God gave us these kids to raise & being a parent is the hardest job we will ever do but it's also so rewarding when you see your hard work paying off in the great kids you raised.


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