Sunday, November 25, 2012

Aubrey turns 5 !!!

Aubrey's actual 5th birthday

 I know I'm behind alittle but it's been a busy month ...... Aubrey turned 5 on November 7th & we had a horse themed birthday party for her. Aubrey LOVES horses. She loves pictures of horses, statues of horses, fake horses but most of all she loves REAL horses. When we drive around our town she knows where all the houses that have horses are & always ask us to slow down so she can see them better. She was so excited when I told her a real live horse was coming to her party. She enjoyed riding on the horse but she also really enjoyed walking the horse around the yard with her friends riding it. The horse's name is Renegade & Aubrey is in LOVE !!!
Aubrey & Shelby

Aubrey LOVED leading the horse around the yard


Look at all those gifts for the birthday girl !!!
Aunt Tracy made her cake
Aubrey has so many people that love her and it was awesome having everyone over to our house to celebrate her birthday with us. She recieved alot of gifts & they all were centered around her love of horses. It's been an amazing 5 years with this little girl & I'm excited to watch her grow up into a wonderful woman one day !!!
Family picture with all the kids
playing with all her horses she got for her birthday

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