Saturday, September 5, 2009

Donnie Married ????

My youngest brother Donnie is in the Army. He is currently stationed in Afgastian ( spelled wrong I'm sure) . He is home on a 2 week leave and suprised us with news that he is getting married !! Yes my baby brother who I can't imagine being older than 3 is going to be someone's husband !! I know that he's 21 and has been serving in our military for 3 years but it doesn't seem like he is old enough to get married. September 6, 2009 he will marry Kristen in Las Vegas. I'm so happy for them and I hope they have a wonderful marriage.

Congratulations and I love you guys !!!

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  1. I have a 22 yr old brother and I think of him no older than 3 also... Congrats to your brother and his new bride!