Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kindergarten ....

My big 5 year old !!

seriously Mom !!!

posing with Daddy
Brandon went to kindergarten Monday. The morning started off with me literally dressing him while he was still in bed because he was tired still and didn't want to wake up . It was ok because hopefully I won't have to dress him forever .. :)

infront of the sign
at school 
another posing with Daddy shot :)
He was super excited that his Daddy was here to go with me to take him to his first day of school. I'm a picture person so of course I made him pose for pictures for me then for more with his Daddy , then more when we got to the school and finally the last ones when we dropped him off in his class. (Hey.. it's memories ... one day I might forget this stuff .. don't judge me ...  lol )
all smiles before going in ...
He just realized I
 wasn't staying with him
 When we got to his school we let him show us exactly how to get to his classroom. He is in the zebra hall and was very proud he remembered how to get there. I took another picture of him outside the classroom because he was all happy & smiling.... until I told him we were going to take him in & drop his stuff off then his Daddy and I were going to leave him at school. He clung to my leg and Randy had to  help me get him off cause he was kinda freaking out. Randy asked him to show him his cubby and where he sat to try to distract him. He showed his Daddy his cubby then sat in his seat with the most pathetic little sad face ever. I wanted to just cry with him ... instead of crying I held it in , hugged him & told him to have a great day at kindergarten and we would be back to pick him up after school.

Daddy & Brandon

 Randy went behind me & hugged him and was trying to make him feel better so I took another opportunityto take another picture of my sweet boy.

 It was so weird leaving him at school and walking back to my car seeing all the other moms crying . I wanted to join them but Randy kept distracting me so I didn't cry. He said I didn't want to mess up my makeup . I was proud of myself for keeping it together.

  When I picked him up from school I asked how his day was and what he did. He told me he has friends & he colored and that's all but he would go back tomorrow. I'm so glad because this is just the beginning of his school journey ....

~ Nichole



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