Thursday, August 30, 2012

A girl & her horse .....

Aubrey riding Lollie for the 1st time ......
My sweet princess loves horses. Actually to say she loves them is an understatement. She is completely obsessed with them. The first thing she asks every morning is to look at pictures of horses on the computer. She will sit at the computer for hours if I let her just scrolling up & down at images of horses. She tells us probably about 100 times a day she wants a horse here at our house. She tells us what she would name it if we would buy her one. Aubrey even tells us that she would feed it & ride it every day. I have never seen her more in love... I know she's only 4 but what if this passion is something she will have even as she grows up ? Michael told her when she gets bigger he would build her a barn & get her a horse. For now she will just continue to remind us how much she loves them until we finally get her a horse of her own.
~ Nichole

Aubrey on her horse Rocky that lives at Yaya's house


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