Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WOW.... How times flies when you stay home !!!

I can't believe that I haven't blogged since February ... Our family has been BUSY !!! I'm going to try to remember everything that has happened since my last post ...

Isaac, Steph, me, Mike, Amber & Tony
Matthew West
February : Mike & I went on another marriage cruise to the Bahamas and it was amazing !! We really enjoyed our self this time since we kinda knew what to expect this time around. We also met the most amazing friends Tony & Amber Weber and Isaac & Stephanie Coomer on the cruise. They live in Kansas & Illionis and we  have been trying all summer to get together with them but like I said It's been crazy busy. We also got to meet singer Matthew West on the cruise & now I'm in love with him !! :)

Mike & Coley

March : Mike & I celebrated 8 years of marriage. We didn't really do anything special since we just got back from our cruise.

14th birthday cake
the whole family
April : Britanee turned 20 & Shelby turned 14 .... I can't believe the girls are getting so old .. They have become some pretty amazing girls . We are super blessed to be their parents. We also took Brandon to Austin to visit his Daddy for the 1st time ever. We went to the Austin children's museum and it was so precious to see Brandon & Randy start their bond as father & son. Brandon also had field day at his school. He really enjoyed himself doing all the different activities. Ms.Jackson's class was the pre-k tug of war champions so he was proud that I was there to take a picture of his class with their trophy.   

Ms. Jackson's tug o war champians
me & my boy

May: The kids got out of school at the end of May so that's when all the craziness started happening .  Brandon graduated pre-k & Shelby got out of 8th grade. We took the kids to the beach. They had sun playing in the sand . Aubrey had her 2nd dance recital with Ms. Carol. She loves dance so much & is really good at it. We were also able to take our family to go see Casting Crowns & Matthew West in concert.

The finale :)
The family @ the recital

Casting Crowns & Matthew West concert
Before the cut ...
She loved he results..
June : Aubrey got her 1st major haircut. She got 7 inches cut off her hair. It was totally her choice & I kinda freaked out when she told me she wanted to cut her hair that short but I think it ended up looking adorable. We played at the park alot, the gnomes hung out with Yaya, we went to the library and we also got the most amazing waterslide. The whole family loves our slide . I also went to kid's camp with the youth from our church as a counselor. This was the 1st time I ever went because in the past I've always worked. I really had a great time with the girls and I'm looking forward to going again next year.

My crazy family
Randy & Brandon
1st game !!!
July: We went to an Astros game / MercyMe concert  with a bunch of our friends. It was the 1st game that Randy & Brandon had ever went to & they loved it.  Brandon turned 5 and we threw him a water slide birthday party. He was in heaven all day having all his friends & family hanging out at the house just celebrating with him. He told me several times " Mommy .. this is my best birthday ever !!! " I was so happy watching him enjoy himself on his special day. I think it was even more special to him because this was the first time both of his parents were together with him. Shelby went on a missions trip with the youth from our church. They did community service projects in the Dallas area. We were so proud of her for earning the $500 it took to go on this trip. She came back full of stories of the experiences she had while she was gone.
Brandon's cake
opening presents
loving the water
Happy to have both his parents there with him :)

I'm going to really try to keep up with our blog because I know These are memories I'm going to want to remember when I'm old & forgetful ......

I'm getting ready for school to start again. I've went school shopping for Brandon because he's going to kindergarten & my baby Shelby isn't a baby anymore ... She's going to be a freshman in high school .. ugh .. I am getting old ... This is my last year with Aubrey before she goes to school next year so I'm going to just soak up the time I have left with her. All my kids are growing up so fast but they are some amazing children.


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