Friday, August 17, 2012

Zoo Day

me, mom, Aubrey, Brandon, Trinity & Serenity

I love when I tell them to stand
 together because they always wrap their
 arms around each other & pose
sitting on a turtle
Today we went to the Houston Zoo with some friends from church. I have been wanting to take Aubrey to the zoo for a long time but this is her 3rd trip and I was finally able to take her. We had a very large group go. There were 6 adults & 14 kids ... It was crazy !! We had 3 wagons & 2 double strollers & 1 regular stroller to haul all those kids around in. It was SOOOOO HOT !! Texas feels like the only temperature we have it HOT & INCREDIBILITY HOT with not much in between . The gnomes did enjoy having a water fight with each other to cool down as we were walking around.

The whole gang that went to the zoo

 Brandon told me he wanted to see dinasours & was dissappointed for a minute when I told him that there weren't any then he decided he would rather see the lions more than the dinasours anyway :) Aubrey's favorite animal at the zoo was seeing the zebra because she said they are cute and they kinda look like horses. I think the next time we go back will be in the winter when it's not so hot but we really did have a great day .  

relaxing with the giraffe

~ Nichole

"Seriously Mom... "
Looking at the elephants

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